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Uses of Statistical Information Jean Matsche University of Phoenix Statistical Applications Tammy Czarnecki October 5, 2007 Uses of Statistical Information The expansion of the responsibilities of nurses, the nursing shortage, and increasing specialization make it more important than ever that nursing practice be evidence-based (Understanding Nursing Research, 2007). This expectation has made it evident that clinical nurses acquire skills in reading and evaluating the results of statistical tests. This systematic evaluation of practice is essential to providing quality care (Dorn, 2004). One reason that nurses may avoid statistics is that may were taught only the mathematical procedures of calculating equations, with little…show more content…
Through data analysis it was noted that the accidental extubation rate in the NICU was higher than the national rate. The data also showed a mix in terms of which infant's were at a higher risk for self-extubation and that the practice of how to secure endotracheal tubes showed many different options, no one superior method. The NICU changed it procedure on how to secure the endotracheal tube (ETT), and a new data collection form was initiated. Unfortunately, after the initial instruction and implementation, no one has looked at the data to analyze if there has been a decrease in our accidental extubation rate. What Studies Should Be Done The NICU needs to look at the data collected since the change in practice of securing ETTs. Unplanned extubation requiring re-intubation significantly increases the duration of mechanical ventilation, length of stay, and risk of acquiring pneumonia. It also increases the risk of complications associated with any intubation (mal-position of tube leading to atelectasis, perforation of the esophagus or tracheal, and lacerations to the tongue and gums. In order to find the efficacy of this change in practice and to support this change as evidence based, the NICU needs to finish the project it started. It needs to analyze the data collected since the change in practice. Analyzing the data may show that the change in

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