Using A Cell Phone While Driving

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“The best way to get people to think outside the box is not to create the box in the first place” (Actforlibraries, 2016). Innovation understands history to have a firm dedicated vision for the future. Martin Cooper is known as one of the most innovated people that have changed the world by his creation of the cell phone. The invention originated as a car phone, but Cooper believed a phone should be wireless; making it one of the greatest dangerous weapons for killing people (Molella, 2014). Cell phone use while driving increases the probabilities of car accidents. The component of driving entails the driver to concentrate on the road, time, speed and psychological assignment; any distractions will result in endangering people’ …show more content…

The disadvantage, it already exists, but not offered in every high school. For instance, Philadelphia 's High School require students to receive their diploma and an industry certification (Bidwell, 2014). Correspondingly, the model utilized was the HACK model. The HACK model is an innovated practice, promoting students to reach a level knowledge (Northwest Nazarene University, 2014). The highly structure utilized technology for online courses, allowing students to decide their graduation date. Overall, the consistent application enforces recreation facilities to substitute classes. The second innovation presented by Anahi, which is housing for the homeless. There are about 500,000 homeless and about one-fourth of them are children in the United States (Johnson, 2015). The idea is finding people on the streets who want a second chance. The organization will provide vocational classes for them to pursue a career. The drawback is some agencies have instituted the same concept. For instance, the Orange County Housing provides the necessary tools, education, and job training (Great Nonprofits, 2016). The biggest challenge is financial support because people think their money won 't make a difference. Moreover, the model utilized was NOMMAR; which is customer need, technology, and market (Terwilliger, 2011). The client 's need is for them to do a good deed. Technology can generate a computerized system to locate

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