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Using Buffers

Jason Blot



The purpose of this experiment we will learn about components of a chemical buffer. We will also be able to define terms like buffer, buffer range, and buffer capacity after this experiment.

We will observe the reaction of a buffer solution with added acids or bases. We will then evaluate buffering capacity in response to additions added from dilute acid and bases to the buffer.

Procedure & Material :

Material :

•Bottle of water

•Box of toothpicks

•Dish soap

•Pair of scissors

•Roll of paper towels

•Kitchen Sink

•White Vinegar

•Two graduated pipets

•Pair of gloves

•Safety goggles

pH test strips

•Short stem pipet

•Test Tube cleaning brush

•24 well plate …show more content…

13. Dip the end of the ph Strip into well A1 to get the ph value and label in Data Table 1.

14. Using the well D1 pipet, add two drops of the HCI to the well A1 buffer.Use a toothpick to stir the solution.

15. Now again using another pH strip, dip the end to get an calculated pH level for the new solution and record in Table1.

16. Repeat steps 12-15 seven more additional times, each time adding 0. M of the HCI to well A1. Put all data into Table 1.

17. Now that we did well A1, let 's use well A6. First take a measurement of the pH solution and record it in Table 2.

18. Use the pipet labeled with well D6 and add two drops of the NaOH into te buffer in well A6.

19. Stir the solution with a toothpick and observe any changes. Measure the pH of the new solution and record into Table 2.

20. Repeat steps 17-20 seven more times similar to the other solution and record all data and changes in Table2.

21. Now , measure the starting pH level of the B1 well and record it in Table 3.

22. Take the pipet and add 2 drops of HCI directly into the well B1. Stir with a toothpick to mix the solution and observe any changes.

23. Measure the pH with a pH strip and record the data of the new solution in Table 3.

24. Repeat steps 22-23 four more times adding addition HCI each time to well B1. Record all data in Table 3.

25. Lastly, measure the pH of the solution in well B6 and record this initial

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