Using Examples From Rider Haggard 's King Solomon 's Mines And Mills And Boon Publishers Desired By The Desert

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Using examples from Rider Haggard 's King Solomon’s Mines and Mills and Boon publishers Desired by the Desert king by Maisey Yates. This essay will support the above statement and will define how popular fiction works reflexively in constructing and perpetuation ideas of the self in society. Written by Haggard at the peak of empire the genre seemingly cannot escape its context 'To celebrate adventure was to celebrate empire and vice versa '. The emphasis on following the map as being an integral part of the plot. This is for practical reasons like locating King Solomon’s mines however more specifically the white male dominated journey sustains the empires objectives, to be the map makers of the world and impose their ownership across the globe. This is seen when reviewing Jose De Silvers letter written with his own 'blood ' being the 'ink ' below the image of the map. It indicates the intensity of his sacrifice and ambition. The image of the blood written map also shows the explorers physical presence being preserved in artefact form it ties in with the dreamer image of becoming immortalised by your discovery. Also note the sexualisation of the map the labelling of the mountains as 'Sheba’s Breasts ' denotes arrogance and false confidence. An ancient biblical queen has been completely objectified to subtly inform the reader they have power beyond royalty, history and even Christianity. I argue that the anxieties and self diagnosed shortcomings of the male readers are
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