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A quartic equation is a fourth-order polynomial equation of the form. Shortly after the discovery of a method to solve the cubic equation, Lodovico Ferrari (1522-1565), a student of Cardano, found a way to solve the quartic equation. His solution is a testimony to both the power and the limitations of elementary algebra. The objective of this project is to analyze a polynomial of degree four via various attributes using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. I was assigned a nuumber in class that resembles a fucntion provided on the list.
An end behavior on a graph basically talks about the tailends of the graph. You determine the end behavior by looking at which way the tailends are pointing. The end behavior is the behavior of the graph
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Looking at my graph i can come to a conclusion that the left side of my graph is going upward so F(x) is approching positive infinity. The left side isnt pointing upward or downward so i had to look at my equation to determine what f(x) is. Since the leading coefficient is negative the right side of the graph is going down , so f(x) approches negative infinity.
Local extrema is basically all local maximums and minimums on a functions graph. Local extrema occurs at criticla points on the graph where the derivative is zero or undefined. To find the exact number of a local extrema using your polynomial , first find the first derivative of f using the power rule. Then you will set the derivative to zero and solve for x. The values you get are the critical points which is also your local extrema. To find the local extrema in your calculator all you have to do is enter the equation into Y=. Then hit GRAPH and look for the max value first. To find the max value just go to calculate and choose maximum. Then move your cursor to the left when they ask you for left bound and hit enter and it will tell you that you locked the position and just repeat the bounds for the right side too. When it asks for guess just hit enter and the coordinates of he max value will appear. I had atleast 4 local extrema.
A zero of a function is an input value that produces an output of zero and can also be referred to as, a root. An examples of this would be f(x)=
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