Using Perception Checking To Improve Communication

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Skill Demonstration #2

1.What makes a good friendship? Although there are many characteristics of a good friendship, it’s not as simple as it seems. Friendship requires a lot of time and effort in order to make both sides happy.
2.My name is Huo zhaozhong(Billy) and recently I’ve been having quite a few problems of miscommunications with my friend Eric. I have been friends with Eric for many years and I’ve realized that the communication skills in our friendship is very poor.
II.Skill Demonstration
1.Before trying to improve the friendship with a communication skill, I would have to rate the overall communication skills as a 2 out of 5. I gave the communication skills of my friendship a 2 because we never tried fixing the problem or tension. Whenever we had a problem, we would overlook it because we didn’t want to fight with each other. Also, whenever we were angry with each other we would use passive-aggressiveness instead of telling each other what is on our minds.

2.a) In my interpersonal relationship with my friend, I chose to use Perception Checking to improve my communication skills. I chose Perception checking because I knew it would definitely benefit our friendship and allow the friendship to communicate more. Perception checking allows people to check their interpretations and avoid miscommunications. …show more content…

I told him that after I hung out with my other friend, I noticed that he started giving me a cold attitude and acted like I made him angry. Secondly, I gave him two interpretations that I saw with the situation. I asked him whether if he was angry that I didn’t invite him to hang out that day or if he was angry because I did something else that angered him. Lastly, I asked him for clarification so I can understand the problem. I told Eric that if something were bothering him, I would want him to tell me so I can apologize or fix the

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