Of Mice and Men-Friendship

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Friendship-Of Mice and Men Friendship is something that everyone needs at any time. Friendship keeps us closely interacted with our friends, it keeps you popular, keeps you away from loneliness. Friendship is an essential part of life to everyone. To me, I interact with my friends closely everyday, we chat, we play around, and we work together on homework. For teenagers like us, we like to interact with friends, with people at our age. Without friends, we won’t be able to do anything. We take care of each other, we tell each other everything, and sometimes they are more important than our parents. Without a friend, every single one of us is by ourselves, no one cares about us, at the meantime, we don 't care about anyone. When…show more content…
Ain’t nobody goin’ to suppose no hurt to George.”(Steinbeck, p72). As a contrast with George and Lennie, Crooks, a black man never wants anyone to go into his room. He sets an invisible wall between him and the rest of the world. He’s like a prisoner, in a world with one person, himself. He never talks to anyone; he never wants anyone to talk to him. He thinks that he’s a black, no one would want to talk to him. So he had his own room, and wanted everyone to keep away from his little room. Although he seems like he doesn 't want anyone to talk to him, but still at the deepest place of his heart, he wants to talk to someone, he wants a friend. He cried in front of Lennie, he told all these things in his heart that no one knows to Lennie, he knows Lennie won’t understand so he won’t go out and blab about it. He just wants to relieve his feelings. Crooks wants a friend as well, everyone needs a friend: ”a guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody. Don 't make no difference who the guy is, long he’s with you. I tell ya.”(Steinbeck, p72). Everyone needs a friend, even the people who say they don 't. To George and Lennie, having a friend with them is really lucky, but their luckiness didn 't last very long. At the end of the book, George shot Lennie at the back of his head. That was one of George’s two choices: let Curley kill Lennie or kill Lennie by himself. Like a father, George thought it’s his responsibility to kill Lennie to payback the life of
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