Using Raw Data From Oil Fields

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Problem Statement We want to try and develop a material balance equation that tries to give an accurate estimate of the original gas in place in a coalbed methane reservoir considering the absorbed gases, free gases, rock compressibility and certain factors that have strong effect on the original gas in place. Considering so many MBE equations that have been presented by different researchers, we are going to be using raw data from oil fields to with researchers developed material balance equation to calculate the OGIP in the reservoir and compare the results to various simulation results to see the similarities and differences between them. Methodology We will be considering G.R king (1993) MBE and E. Firanda Material balance equations and doing our calculations based on their developed equations. We would be comparing these results with the result gotten from the finite difference simulator mentioned in king’s paper so validate and see the viability of applying this MBE’s to actual reservoirs. We used the parameters for a 6ft coalbed reservoir stated in kings (1993) and E. Firanda (2011) paper. List of Input Parameters for sensitivity of MBE Parameters Units Values Seam Thickness ft 50 Drainage, A acres 319.54 Temperature R 565 Coal Density gr/cm3 1.7 Initial seam Pressure pi psia 1500 Langmuir Pressure Constant, PL psia 362.32 Initial Volume Constants, V0 scf/ton 345.1 Langmuir Volume Constant, VL scf/ton 428.5 Macropore Porosity % 1 Initial water saturation - 0.95
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