Using Stricter Background Checks Can Reduce The Amount Of Crime

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According to a report by the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey, the United States has about 35-50 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns and has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. With no restriction and so much freedom, firearms can be distributed throughout the United States illegally and obtained as easy as buying it from a person, disregarding all gun laws. Implementing stricter background checks can help reduce the amount of crime relating to gun violence. It can also keep firearms away from those who shouldn’t have possession of them. The issue of gun control begins with the careless distribution of firearms and how easy they are to obtain. In the United States, many mass killings by gunmen in civilian settings set …show more content…

However, other places are more lenient on the firearm laws. As seen in Israel, “The entire population has indirect access to an assault weapon by either being a soldier or a reservist or a relative of one.”(Masters). Their government believes that with relatively less strict gun regulations, the civilians can happily own firearms with small requirements to register ownership for guns. Israel believes that restricting the people’s firearm laws can cause more issues. As a result of their laid-back laws, they have a low gun-related homicide rate. Many laws, regulations, and government programs directly impact the issue of gun control as well. The Federal Government is in charge of the gun control laws and pass the majority of them. However, sometimes the laws they create do not succeed as they expect them to. For example, gun buy-back programs were created to reduce the number of firearms owned by civilians and to provide a process where people can sell firearms without the risk of prosecution. Phillips et al. stated, “Cities in the USA continue to use the programme in response to high-profile incidents, such as the shooting in Newtown, CT, despite a lack of evidence that the programme will succeed in reducing violent crime”(249). As gun buy-backs were an important step to reducing the amount of firearms, many illegal weapons still

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