Using Technology Into Her Classroom

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Contextual Factors
Even though my teaching in this district is limited I have became aware of the high standards they expect of their teachers and students. After investigating my school district and their strategies of obtaining success for themselves as they set high standards for their students. I have grown more appreciative and honored to be an employee at my local high school district. My mentoring teacher excels in implementing technology into her classroom. Her lessons regularly revolve around using technology to heighten learning skills in her classroom. Her students are drawn to these activities and willing to easily adapt and interact in the lesson. I have also learned from my mentor that parental involvement is a necessity and should always be evident in our classrooms and in the district. As parents are more engaged they will be more in tune with their children’s learning and informed about class activities and school functions. Our districts middle school has recently purchased iPads (one-to-one) for their students to utilize. The following year (2015-2016) the high school will continue with this technology plan. The teachers and students have great expectation for this technology being implemented into the district. This year our district faculty is receiving extensive training on how to implement iPad technology into each of their classrooms. My district goes above and beyond to provide a safe learning atmosphere that promotes students’ learning and assures
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