Utah Transit Authority Operation Lifesaver Video Analysis

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I watched the video Utah Transit Authority Operation Lifesaver and I learned a few things about being safe around railroad crossings and being patient. Before crossing a railroad you must make sure that there is no train coming, and then double check because trains are quiet and fast. In the video It talked about you should never ride your bike over train tracks, you should always walk your bike over them. If you do ride your bike over the tracks you have the possibility of falling over or getting stuck, and that would be bad if a train is coming, but if you are walking your bike over you don’t have that possibility. Never ride your bike along side the train tracks because someone could bump into you and you could fall on the tracks. You should never play or walk along with the train tracks because it is private property and you will get in trouble with the law, and you shouldn’t play on them because it is also very dangerous. It is also illegal to throw things or set things onto the train tracks. In the same video it said …show more content…

If you are late for something and need to get somewhere and the flashing lights come on, then it is not worth chancing your life to get their on time. Wait until the train has passed and it is safe to go, if you try to go under the bars or go around you are putting your life at risk for something that is not worth your life. There are some places called “shared lanes” which means that a railroad crosses with the car lanes. To avoid a crash you should check your mirrors and look out for the train warning. There are some things that could distract you from your surroundings that could put your life at risk like texting, listening to headphones, texting, and taking your hood off. The video was talking about that you need to be able to see and hear the

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