Persuasive Essay On The Sidewalks

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Linking sidewalks negatively to one of Texas issues is probably not a seroius deal, but in the past years, sidewalks have become an increasing issue. Surely people would not recognize numerous of pedestrian accidents in the news considering they only want to watch sports or they just do not care. Recently, in South Padre Island two citizens were in a hit-and-run accident that caused them to be transferred to the emergency room. Texas has its perks, but needs to construct sidewalks to keep Texans secure. The lack of sidewalks attempts to risk pedestrians lives. Not every citizen has a car to depart to work, school, or attend any appointments daily, so they need to walk cautiously to their destinations because risking their lives is not a pleasant feeling. In South …show more content…

According to CBS news at Austin, the installation of sidewalks on a street will cost around $120,000 dollars (Hammons). In order to pay for the cost, Texans must pay another tax. This will cause people to riot that they already pay too much taxes to pay another. Also, some people will be concerned that their part of their property will be destroyed or taken away to build the sidewalk (Mouer). Not only are grownups in danger, but also children. On Austin, Texas, parents and students walk in mid traffic to attend school. Having no sidewalks, students are at risk of getting injured while crossing the street. Mike Brode, a parent said that “when you throw cars going both ways with pedestrians, it’s just a recipe for disaster” (Hammons). This shows that even children are at expose to danger. Now, people are even being beeped, screeched at and threaten on the street for interfering. On Houston, Texas, a man yelled to a couple in the street, “The streets are not for people! Get off the road!” (Dorantes). This demonstrates that without sidewalks nobody is safe to walk outside or to their

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