VP Finance Lead In Steel Bridge: Case Study

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I am interested in the VP Finance position as my first choice. I believe that my prior experience as a Finance Lead in Steel Bridge will benefit CMAA. I have learned to become well organized and in turn sharped my leadership skills, working closely with the project manager on financial issues. During my time as a Finance Lead, I wrote grant applications and sponsorship letters to more than 100 companies. I maintained and managed the financial records relating the purchases on steel members. I also kept close records of all the receipts on all purchases, and added any credit for grants or sponsorships on an organized excel sheet. If I get this officer position, I would gladly contribute to the financial needs of CMAA and will actively work with VP Internal and Fundraising Chair. With my current leadership and organizational skills, I believe I am …show more content…

I may be able to contribute to CMAA, and may even improve on making this club more successful. With my prior experience, I may be able to incorporate ways in which CMAA is run or organized. I can serve as a leader speak openly to provide for all members in CMAA. As an officer applying for the following positions, I believe that I am hard working and determined to make this student organization overcome challenges and advertise the good message of CMAA. Since CMAA has made a difference on me, both as an individual and on a professional level, I want to support the work of CMAA.

I joined CMAA because I feel I have a passion towards construction management. This year, I recently applied for a project tutoring job for student organization that has kept me preoccupied. Although I have not been the most active CMAA member, I would like to take this application process to play a prominent role in facilitating the growth of this student

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