Personal Statement: A Career In Film

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Standing on stage, fifteen spotlights bright as a sun shone on me. I could barely make out the faces in the audience under the blinding lights. I took three steps upstage, opened my mouth and prepared my vocal chords, and I sang. At this moment at the age of fourteen, I knew what I was going to do with my life, entertain. I have worked hard since that night to do my best and learn as much as I can about Visual and Preforming Arts. In my high school career, I have taken classes in drama and film. These classes have had a large impact on my life, molding and helping me figure out exactly what I want to do with my future. Being a filmmaker. This is what I intend on doing with my life. Film is such an amazing art-form encompassing so many different mediums all at once. To achieve my goal I plan on attending
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I will enter my films to film festivals all around the country to make a name for myself as an independent filmmaker. From there fate will take hold, opportunities spring up unexpectedly who knows if i will become a household name or even recognizable as a director. All I can say is that regardless of my status I will continue to make movies. Art is a powerful medium for humans, we have used artistic expression for as long as we have existed, we have a natural inclination to it. I, much like many great artists of today are attracted to its vast landscape. I want nothing more than to create something amazing and leave my mark on the world. You see, in films' short lifespan we have done amazing things, documenting real life, creating imaginary worlds, exploring the depths of human emotion. The world shall be my canvas and with that canvas, I will create great and miraculous things, one frame at a time. Every frame is a painting. When it comes to film, and creating those beautiful paintings could be the most rewarding thing that I could ever do in my short
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