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I traveled to Orlando florida on July 14, 2017 for an entire week of vacations. At the time I thought that going to visit disney world would be lame since I figured it was a place for little kids, of course I found that to be lie. Once I heard my parents,brother and his Fiance were going to be departures from Kansas City to Orlando Florida, I quickly began doing research of on many things to do in orlando, of course I found hundred of things to do. When i began packing all the thing i was going to need I began to feel exhausted over what to wear every day for one entire week straight. I Immediately went off shopping at the Independence center mall for fashionable and nice clothing, I felt as if i was preparing for Fashion Week in New …show more content…

As we were all looking for a mexican restaurant or some type of taco stand, I had personally asked a Lady who was working around the beach selling Ice Cream if there was any place around where we could find Mexican food, she then told us that mexican food is not really sold in Any part of orlando, there were only one or two restaurants nearby so she gave us directions to the nearest Place which was 4 miles away from our current location. We immediately got in a cab a Rushed to a Mexican restaurant names “El Dorado” I thought the names was pretty neat, when we got inside we were greeted by Cindy our host, somehow she knew we were visiting orlando for the first time since we were just amazed from all the beautiful decorations inside El Dorado, there were big trees on both sides of the entrance the walls were shaped into stone rocks with paintings on them. When we were taken to our seats we paid a little extra for some good seats next to a stage where the were performing some pretty cool and neat things, like spitting out fire, Comedie and other fantastic things when I was ordering my food my mom and dad were having such a good time that they ordered Some drinks for them, I believe they got a Pina Colada which I have seen them before but when they brought them out I was in shock because they brought them in

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