Vaccination: Improving Public Health

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Vaccination has made a tremendous contribution in global health and has drastically improved the health conditions of children across India. Going by medical data and health reports, it can be seen that a major health issue which is small pox has been eradicated completely. Polio has been uprooted completely and measles have been controlled to a large extent. This only goes on to show the improvements that medical science has brought into the lives of our children. It is completely our responsibility to give our kids a good life free from infections and other health issues. What better way to start work on that path than vaccination that has helped in removing health infections completely. Let us trace down the changes that vaccination in India has witnessed over the years.
The Past
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The primary reason for that was the lack of improved medical science that could find a cure for major health issues. However, with time, improvement in medical science and with continuous efforts the solutions began to evolve. The improvements gained momentum and eventually vaccination was ceremoniously adopted as a public health tool. The past reports surrounding vaccination was just the right momentum that such an important matter needed to cure all child health issues in the
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