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Statement of Explanation – Vaccination

My speech addresses the issue of vaccination rates being far below World Health Organisation guidelines and the necessity for the Government to go beyond the No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play policies and to totally eliminate conscientious bias as a reason to avoid vaccination. In my speech I speak as an advocate for change addressing an audience of my peers appealing to them as rational and concerned citizens who care about the welfare and health of themselves and the nation. The speech was written to persuade those who are tolerant of conscientious objectors, with the intention of reinforcing that objections to vaccinations are irrational and ultimately endanger our society as a whole. On this basis logical appeals are central to my speech and underpin my refutation of the opposing side.

My argument is from a utilitarian perspective, which focuses on societal well-being and transitions into more direct issues involving health and safety relying on evidence and statistics to build my case. The speech begins in a highly sarcastic tone, outlining just one outlandish conspiracy theory used by the Anti-Vaccination lobby in order to create an association between them and those absurd fears about the government and pharmaceutical companies working against the public good which discredits the movement by painting them as irrational and illogical. The speech then shifts to focus on the real risks associated with refusal to vaccinate. I adopt

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