Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children

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Over many years, we have gained more and more knowledge in the medical field. We have learned new information about new diseases, new cures, and new technology that can be used to help our society stay healthy. Vaccinations are one of the ways doctors help prevent people from getting various diseases such as polio and the measles. However, some peoples’ beliefs and religions get in the way of them taking vaccines. Also, some parents believe that vaccinations are linked to autism and refuse to let their children get vaccines. For many years, people have been having controversies over this subject, but I believe that we should require kids to have vaccinations to keep society healthy and stable. First, studies and research have shown that vaccinations are not connected to autism. The only connection between vaccines and autism is age. Parents naturally think vaccinations have something to do with their child developing autism, and they tend to look towards recent events that happened in their child’s life as the cause. Vaccines are usually seen as the cause of autism because vaccinations are received at the age when children develop autism, so many parents wrongly connect the two. One of the main reasons parents are scared to give their children vaccinations is because of a false statement made by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. It was about the vaccination given to prevent measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). In 1988, it was falsely stated by Dr. Wakefield in the Lancet that the

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