Vaccines And Its Effects On The Health Of A Country Essay

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Group Introduction
Vaccines are one of the most effective tools in maintaining the health of a country. Vaccines are extremely diverse in the sense they have the potential to prevent fatal diseases such as polio as well as smaller illnesses such as the flu. With vaccines, the costs stay relatively low and the benefits are high. Vaccines in the most basic terms, introduce a weakened or dead disease into your body, so your body can produce antibodies which are specialized in fighting that disease cell (How Vaccines Work, 2016). Through this, if your body encounters the disease again, the body can quickly produce the antibodies to kill the disease before it has the chance to spread. While the benefits of vaccines are great, the risks are relatively small. Because of this, most major health organizations recommend vaccination, at least for deadly diseases such as polio and rubella virus (WHO, 2009). While scientific research tells us the risks of vaccinations are very small, there are still groups of anti-vaccinators who claim there is a link between vaccinations and autism. Those claims have repeatedly been disproven in numerous complete studies, which have shown no connection between autism and vaccination (Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism, 2015). When focusing more specifically on the effectiveness of immunizations, they have been so successful that diseases such as smallpox and measles are essentially extinct outside of a laboratory. Despite vaccines being generally effective,

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