Vaccines Are Not The Cause Of Autism

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Vaccines Are Not the Cause of Autism
Autism is factually known as a neurological developmental disorder. This disorder affects a child (mostly boys) at an early age or once the child is enrolled in school when it comes to social interactions, ways of communication and behavior. The rise in autism can be attributed to the various ways autism is now diagnosed, a much more attainable reason than vaccinations. Autism has a wide spectrum and specialists may consider a child to be autistic based on different characteristics than their colleague. Autism has no etiology as of yet, although various theories and vaccinations are some of the culprits. The immunization schedule that babies are supposed to follow from birth doesn’t cause autism because the CDC sets the schedule with stringent amounts of research; each vaccine is vigorously tested for the age of the child it is intended for; and vaccines are made of small antigens that do not overload the immune system. Therefore, there is no question if autism and vaccinations are related.
The Center for Disease Control is in charge of publishing the immunization schedule and making appropriate changes if need be. Until 1999, thimerosal was used in vaccines and medicines. The thimerosal was used in multi dose vaccines to prevent the growth of germs, bacteria, and fungus in the vial, which would then be transferred into the patient. Since thimerosal contains ethylmercury, it was decided by the American Academy of Pediatrics, to remove…
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