Vampires Are Becoming An Important Figure Of Modern Culture Essay

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Vampires are becoming an important figure in modern culture through the showing of television shows, movies, and novels. Most people think vampires are immortal creatures that suck blood from people and rise from the dead. Many people are not aware of the people in the world that consider themselves vampires. They are real, and they have formed communities. A real vampire is someone who identifies themselves as a vampire. These are not the vampires from the myths and folklore. There really is no definition of a vampire. Some drink blood to sustain their health; and others do not. They are not all the same; they do what they believe in, not what everyone else does. To try and understand vampirism, one must consider the experiences of the individual vampire and the larger vampire community. There are many different classifications of people involved within the vampire community. The first classification is “fangdom”. This is a diverse group that loves variety or fiction genres such as Vampire Diaries and Twilight. Many will costume play their characters at fan gatherings. The second classification is the scholars. These are people who study the modern vampire culture and mythology. They don’t identify themselves as vampires, but they are a definite part of the vampire community. Another classification is the roleplayers. These people are lovers of live action roleplay, or LARP. They act out as their characters at nightclubs, hotel spaces, and gaming conventions. The fourth

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