Vardaman An American Character

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Vardaman is the youngest son in the family. His age is never not directly named, but over time, it becomes clear that he was born shortly after the birth of Dewey Dell. He was not so small to have to be responsible for his own actions, but still small enough to understand all the difficulties of his first encounter with death. He naively drilled a hole in the coffin of his mother, and is not even necessary to know his age in order to realize that he was still too young to experience this event on the same level with the adults, who are already experiencing what is happening “in their own way”. For him, the essence of death is not clear, he is not sure in his thoughts and assumptions, although it is not surprising. How in this family one can be sure at least in anything? …show more content…

Poor Addie. All she wanted is to be buried away from that crazy place, from this cold house, where she spent most of her life, to Be away from a selfish husband who tortured her for all her life, and away from the children, who have always been children of Anse Bundren, not Addie’s. However, who knew that even after her death, performing her last will, all of the characters, except Darl, as for me, do not cease to torment her again and insult on the dead body of their

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