Varenicline Research Paper

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A randomized trial suggested that drug varenicline can reduce heavy drinking in men. The medication also helps maintain smoking abstinence in individuals. The trial was conducted by the researchers at the Yale School of Medicine, led by Dr. Stephanie S. O’Malley. The trial involved 131 participants from two outpatient clinics who were reported with heavy drinking for two or more times per week and met the criteria for alcohol dependence. The participants were also reported with a smoking habit of two or more times per week. The heavy drinking is equivalent to at least five drinks in men or at least four drinks in women. The researchers have divided the participants into two groups, wherein members were allocated randomly. The first group …show more content…

Alcohol use disorder can be caused by a number of factors, such as biological and environmental. People who drink alcohol often are at risk to alcohol dependence as the brain becomes reliant on the chemicals in alcoholic beverages. This makes it difficult for them to stop or quit the habit, a symptom of withdrawal. 1. Biological Factors: Factors related to genetics and physiology of the person. Some people can control the amount of alcohol intake, while others enjoy drinking that urge them to repeat the behavior, turning it a habit. Alcohol dependence may be connected to up to 51 genes in several chromosome regions. These genes may be inherited by later generations, making them prone to drinking problems. 2. Environmental Factors: Factors related to accessibility and financial matters. People who lived in close proximity to bars and stores that sell alcoholic beverages will likely drink and participate in related activities. Also, people who can pay were likely to order alcoholic products. According to Gallup’s poll, about 78 percent of people from affluent neighborhoods consume more alcohol than those who were in low-income families. 3. Social Factors: Factors related to culture, family, religion, and work may influence drinking behavior. People who were exposed to alcohol abuse during their childhood have higher tendency to adopt the habit. Peer pressure from higher education level, such as in college, makes students susceptible to

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