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Leslie M. Rogakis HCA 240-0500 03/29/2015 Professor Tirizia York Variance Analysis A variable department manager has many factors to consider when interpreting and analyzing a variance report. Variances can be attributed to factors such as increased or decreased volume, wage increases, cost increases for equipment and cost increases for supplies. Variance reports are a tool that can be utilized to analyze how well a company is doing with meeting current budgetary goals as well as a means for forecasting information for future budgets. In preparing a variance analysis report to be presented to the vice president, the information needs to be simple enough to understand easily, but detailed enough for the information to be useful to…show more content…
Companies will have set guidelines to trigger the need for a variance report such as variances over a specific percentage or dollar amount. (Cleverly, Song, & Cleverly, 2011, Pg. 381) In an analysis of revenues, a negative variation is unfavorable; in an analysis of costs, a negative variation is favorable. (Dove & Forthman, 1995) Variation is calculated by subtracting the expected or budgeted figure from the actual figure for each variable. The variable figure is then divided by the expected figure in order to establish a percentage of the variance. Wages that are over the budgeted amount would be an unfavorable variance and would be an indication that there is a need for a variance report. (Dove & Forthman, 1995) Supply costs being less than the budgeted amount would be a favorable variance, however it could result in the supplies budget being reduced if there is not a reasonable explanation as to the cause for the variance. Therefore, a variable department manager would ask for a variance report detailing the reason for the variance to be completed, otherwise it appears as if the budget is overstated and needs to be reduced. Variance reporting is the responsibility of the variable department manager and requires further analysis of the variable figures in order to determine a cause. A comparison between two periods is generally the most efficient way of performing this analysis and is most often compared with a prior similar period of
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