Vasco Da Gama Summary

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The author of this traveler account is Vasco da Gama himself. He was born about 1460 in Portugal and was a famous navigator for the King of Portugal. Da Gama starts off his journal by describing his voyage to the Bay of St. Helena in 1497, also describing himself as the “Captain-Major” in third person. Da Gama had anchored in the bay for eight days to clean their ships and took captive on of the natives, feeding him and dressing him well, he was returned to land and that helped da Gama gain entry with the other natives to their land. He describes the inhabitants as “...tawny-colored. Their food is confined to the flesh of seals, whales and gazelles, and the roots of herbs. They are dressed in skins, and wear sheaths over their virile members. They are armed with poles of olive wood to which a horn, browned in the fire, is attached. Their numerous dogs resemble those of Portugal, and bark like them.” Da Gama notices the similarity of dogs in St. Helena to those of his home country of Portugal, which I don’t think he expected to see. Vasco goes on to explain how he showed them merchandise that he brought from Portugal and all the natives were amazed by it. The following night, da Gama is at supper and then says that he hears shouting and sees one of his crew being chased by the natives across the beach and quickly they depart from this bay, due to some miscommunication where the natives started to attack them.
Many things interested da Gama and had led him to navigate all the

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