Vector Control For Mosquitoes

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Pesticides are available in different types of formulations to target the mosquitoes. Mosquito coil (Megha Pant et al., 2016), a burning fumigant is one of them, but generated smoke is the matter of concern (Weili Liu et al., 2003) on the other hand mosquito repellent creams are associated with problems of allergy or develops rashes (Bhupen Katalia et al., 2013) and the effect is for a limited time in both methods. Vector control strategies also include the application of pesticides to areas where water collects from various sources and provides breeding sites for mosquitoes. The Conventional formulations like Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) & Wettable Powder (WP) (Slavica Gašić et al., 2013; Muhammad Sarwar et al., 2015), used to…show more content…
Ease of handling, transport, and packing. ii. Ready to use formulation and carry the active in premeasured dose rates i.e. there is no need of weighing and making other measurements for dose preparation, as does can be simply decided by counting a number of tablets. iii. The large-scale production of tablets is also easy as most of the raw materials used in preparation are commercially available 2.1 Constituents of Tablets: Active ingredient (Pesticide) with adjuvants, which include binder, lubricant, disintegrants, wetting, dispersing agents and diluents are the main constituents of tablets (A. Sirwarkar et al., 2008). Adjuvants are also known as “Excipients” (Kartik Verma et al., 2016). The adjuvants improve processing characteristic and also contribute in qualifying quality parameters of tablets. Adjuvants are inert and these possibly should be compatible with other ingredients, cost-effective and easily available (Shilpa P. Chaudhry et al., 2012). 2.1.1 Binders: Binders are important constituents of the tablet formulation, which perform at processing time, during compression when powder from inlets arrives in between punch and die cavity. The hold between particles is required at time of compression; otherwise, a solid mass of tablet will not produce (Figure 2 above). Binders provide a bond in between particles thus particles are held together and a tablet attains mechanical strength (Hardik Patel et al., 2011) .The adhesion
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