Verbal and Nonverbal Interpersonal Communication

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Verbal and non-verbal Interpersonal communication Interpersonal communication is the form of communication that exists between two people; it is a universal kind of communication. It includes the daily exchange that may be formal in nature or informal. Interpersonal communication is manifest in verbal or non-verbal form. The non-verbal can assume the form of expression, gestures and postures (MBA Knowledge base, 2011). Interpersonal communication, be it verbal or non-verbal, involves dissemination and reception of objective message or information between two or more people/groups with an aim of getting the desired effect on the receiving individual or groups (Ally & Bacon, 1999). In the interpersonal communication, there are channels of transmission involved. These are the modes or the medium that the sender chooses to use to disseminate his message to the receiver. Via these channels, the sender can effectively convey intended message to the targeted receiver only when and if they understand emotional intelligence (EI) of the group/person or the target groups. The channels of communication from the sender to the receiver can briefly be classified as direct and indirect means. Of interest here is the direct means as below; Direct means/channels; these are the open and obvious mediums that the sender can easily manipulate to ease the understanding of the receiver of the message. These types can be controlled by the sender for instance the (a). Oral/verbal which
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