Veronica Roth Asks, Do You Have What it Takes to Be Divergent? in the Book Insurgent

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In our society we are lucky to have so many choices about how we live. We can be smart yet still respect others, we can be brave yet still sincere. In the second book, Insurgent, from the dystopian series Divergent, the people are not as lucky and do not have choices. Veronica Roth wrote this science fiction book showing a futuristic look at Chicago, in which people are placed into factions (groups) based on certain characteristics and an aptitude test that they are forced to take when they turn sixteen. The main character is Tris, who falls under the category of divergent, meaning that she belongs in more than one faction. People like her have to keep the secret of being divergent or else they would be in danger of being killed. As I …show more content…

Tobias’ mother comes into the picture about half way through the book, and we find out that she is the leader of the faction-less people. These are the people who did not pass the initiation of their faction or were kicked out. They team up with Tris and Tobias in a war with the Erudite. During this process, the real truth comes out. The Erudite leader has valuable information that is said would change the way they all live and look at life if people were to find out about it. The book ends here, and Allegiant, book #3 holds the answer to all of the questions aroused from Insurgent. One major theme in this book is that with choices come consequences. In Insurgent Tris has to deal with the consequences of some choices that she has made. For someone like her who has never had a choice in life before, she has a very difficult time dealing with this. One of the hardest things she has to face is the guilt of killing one of her best friends, who was also her best friend’s (Christina) boyfriend. She did not purposely kill him, but because the Erudite faction put all of the Dauntless under a simulation of killing the abnegation, the choice was either kill him (since he was under simulation and pretty much brain controlled) or let him kill her. Tris made the decision of killing Will, and in the entire book of Insurgent she has trouble dealing with this. Her mother and father were also

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