Victims and Creators in My Life Essay

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The way a person act can really determine the way another person perceives them as an individual. A person can either be judged as a victim or a creator in every situation. A victim is a person who always has an excuse for everything. They never take full responsibility for their actions, it’s always somebody else fault for their problem. A creator is someone that’s a leader. They play as role models in lives. They always find a solution and try their very best ion every situation to succeed. Every person is defined by one or the other personality trait.
A person I know that’s a victim is a young coworker of mine. Every time something goes wrong and she is a part of it she always says that it’s not her fault. She has to blame it on …show more content…

He is training me to be a creator and stop using victim words. There’s never a moment when there’s not something on his mind about doing something in life that will have a positive impact on somebody life. I hope to be more like him. I will adopt a creator mind set by changing some of the ways that I do things in my everyday life. I will start hanging around more positive people that are really there for me and want the best for me. Being to class on time and actually awake is important to be successful in college this semester. To change that I am going to start getting in bed at a decent time so that I may be wide awake and ready to learn when I attend class. I am going to start doing my homework early because when I do my homework at the last minute I start rushing through it. When I rush through my homework I don’t put forth my best effort. That when I make mistakes that I wouldn’t have made if I was taking my time. Another thing I can do to be successful this semester is get negative thoughts out of my mind when it comes to certain classes. If I tell myself that I can do well and actually put forth the time and effort to pass the class then I will do good in the class. I will keep positive thoughts flowing throughout my brain. Being a creator is a more positive outlook then being a victim. Some people would rather be a victim but most people would prefer to be a creator. More doors of opportunity open for a person that

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