Victor Frankenstein Research Paper

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As a teacher one looks forward to the beginning and the end of a school year. The beginning of a school year brings in new minds and attitudes that a teacher can influence and educate. Students also bring with them new ideas and knowledge that a teacher can use to work with them. My objective as a teacher is to get students acquainted with major works of literature and allow them to dissect the different meanings of the texts while fostering critical thinking. Literature works as a way to allow students an insight into a writer’s mind and the time period they resided in. The pain of a poet or writer is inscribed in their writing and this is one of the main things that a student will …show more content…

The main priority of educating is for the students to learn critically and use what they have learned in the outside world.
The role of a teacher is to motivate and guide students in their learning process. A teacher will become one of the main influences in a students’ life. Therefore, it is up to the teacher to help the students’ through their progress in education the best way they can. The importance of teaching doesn’t lie in the amount of information a teacher can provide a student with but in the value the teacher gives to the information. The best way to describe can be by using poetry as an example. The words in the poem mean so much more than just what is on the paper. There is the rhythm, alliteration, tone and mood to take in consideration. Teaching is the same because we must consider the student not as he presents himself, but as a person that is made of many complexities. The way to make a difference in the lives of the students is by treating them as a living poem that requires our complete attention to deliver the best results. Students have the capacity to learn as much as we want to teach them and therefore we should encourage them to follow the path not because it’s for their own good but because they enjoy it.
The idea of being overworked and overwhelmed can be scary, but at the end of the day there is always a redeeming

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