Victor Frankenstein Tragic Appearance

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Something that most humans tend to do, is to immediately judge people based off their physical appearances. These judgments come from stereotypes that society has created and sinks into everyone's minds. But, people don’t actually know what someone is like until they actually talk to them. As always, there are good people, and there are bad people, but physical appearance don’t show the true colors of people. The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, defined the concept of a “tragic hero” as a man of noble stature who makes an error of judgement that leads to his downfall. The “error of judgement” is also known as a tragic flaw. Meaning, a tragic hero is an honorable person with a tragic flaw that causes their life to turn for the worse. In the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, the “creature” is a huge, ugly figure that everyone fears because he looks different than the everyday person so they choose to fear and hate him. The creature is the tragic hero in the novel because he originally has no intention to harm people, he helps others, and he is trying to find happiness. To begin, the figure is a tragic hero because he originally had no intention to harm people when he was brought to life. One of the main characters, Victor Frankenstein, was obsessed with the idea of creating life out of organs and limbs from other people and he did so. His intention for creating the figure was because he thought he was doing well to society by creating a "new human." But, Victor was

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