Victor and the Monster are Reciprocals in "Frankenstein" Essay

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There are many themes in the novel Frankenstein. One of these themes is that the monster and Victor are reciprocals. They were always and always will be linked. They are related in many different ways. In the following paragraphs I have mentioned four of them. One of these ways is that they are both isolated from society. The monster is isolated because of his physical features. Because he is ugly he is a social outcast. Victor isolates himself twice in the novel, when he is creating his two monsters. The first time he isolates himself because he wanted to create his monster. The second time Victor is isolated he does it willingly, but not for him, to protect his family from the original monster he has created. Wether it is of …show more content…
The monster and Victor are also related because they both know suffering. The monster knows suffering because he has no relations with any part of humanity. The only person he knows, his own creator, Victor, hates him. Victor suffers from all of the deaths he had to endure, as I mentioned before. A fourth and final reason as to why they are reciprocals is that they have the same feelings at the same time. When the monster becomes selfless during the novel, so does Victor. In chapter XVI, the monster tries to save a drowning girl during the day. As we have read in previous chapters, the monster only comes out during the night and hides during the day so he doesn’t risk being seen by anyone. The monster decided he wanted to try to help the girl, even though it did mean going out during the day and risk being seen. Once he went out of his hiding spot and tried to pull her out of the water he was seen by a person who shot at him, thinking the monster was trying to drown her. In this way the monster is showing that he is selfless, risking being seen to help her. At around this time, Victor also becomes selfless. He shows his selflessness in chapter XVIII on page 151 when Victor says. “I was aware also that I should often lose all self-command, all capacity of hiding the harrowing sensations that would
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