Victorian Era In The Victorian Era

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As I began my journey through this research project I knew I wanted to focus on England, as it is one of the oldest counties and has such an intriguing story. With a history filled with rises and falls in laced with power and corruption and flourishing fueled by the industrial revolution, England is a legend in itself. Riddled with rolling hills and intricate underlying structures that make England's geographical map look more like the work of a craftful painter. (England) As I peeled back the many layers of English history I found myself entranced by the Victorian Era. Its namesake Queen Victoria, known for bring respect and honor back to the royal family. This was founded upon one of the earliest constitutional monarchs in the world, that is still in place today. The Victorian era had a very harsh and unforgiving economy that led to poverty flooding throughout the country, and a hate for immigrants rising. The lives of the people were influenced heavily by the church and controlled almost all of their daily lives. (Victorian era England & Life of Victorians) Looking throughout the many years of the Victorian era, one year stuck out to me as a very important time for England. This year was 1888, in the wake of the industrial revolution big business thrived while poverty was at an all time high and the country was in fear due to the Jack the Ripper murders. (White) Through these two events arised a whole new kind of journalism, called “new journalism”. (Schlack)

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