Video Game Console Developed And Manufactured By Nintendo

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The is a 32-bit table-top 3D video game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. It was marketed as the first "portable" video game console capable of displaying "true 3D graphics" out of the box.
It was released on July 21, 1995 in Japan and August 14, 1995 in North America at a price of around US$180. It proved to be a commercial failure and was not released in other regions. Its negative reception was unaffected by continued price drops. Nintendo discontinued it the following year on March 2, 1996. The Virtual Boy is Nintendo 's lowest selling console.
The New York Times previewed the Virtual Boy on November 13, 1994. The console was officially announced via press release the next day, November 14. Nintendo promised that Virtual Boy would "totally immerse players into their own private universe." The system was formally unveiled the next day at the Shoshinkai Show. Nintendo of America showed the Virtual Boy at the Consumer Electronics Show on 6 January 1995. This was following the collapse of a potential deal with Sega, which decided to pass on the technology.
Problems emerged when Nintendo attempted to turn its vision into an affordable console, searching for low-cost hardware components. Color was also said to have caused "jumpy images in tests." Design News described the Virtual Boy as the logical evolution of the View-Master 3-dimensional image viewer.
A number of technology demonstrations were used to show what the Virtual Boy was…

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