Video Game Reflection Paper

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When I was little, I loved to try lots of new things. Games, toys, candy; but I had never heard of video games. Until one day on the bus, my neighbor told me that he had a Wii. I had seen commercials for it, and it looked fun. Originally I never wanted one because it was so expensive. That night when I went over to his house, my life would never be the same. Later that day I went over to his house. Ordinarily we run around, shoot each other with face guns, and do other things like that. I was getting antsy though, so we went inside after only 45 minutes. We got inside and then I saw it, the white Wii sitting on the entertainment center next to the TV. “What games do you have?” I asked.
“The only game I have is Mario Kart,” he replied, so that is what we played. Since I had never played it before I was terrible. Three games in a row, I got 12th out of 12. After, about an hour of playing I started to notice that I was passing the computers (other racers) and getting 7th-4th place on average. Nevertheless, I soon had to leave, but I was much better than when I started.
Besides having so much fun on the Wii, I rarely got to play on it. I had played on it here and there, but not a lot. I kept asking my parents for a Wii, they only said no, but then when it got closer to Christmas they started to tantalize me by answering with “maybe for Christmas.” That got me very excited. That year I was probably on my best behavior ever. On the day of Christmas I kind of forgot about the

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