Video Game Violence Essay

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Video Game Violence

Video game violence has been a long going controversy. Video games have not been around all that long, “first introduced in the 1970s” (Cesarone, Feb. ‘95), and started out as being centered towards the Children. Well anybody that has grown up with games are now older and more mature and demand more from their gaming experience, and so the creation of new types and styles of games have evolved to suit them. I have grown up with games, and am at the age where ‘kids games’ just don’t do it for me anymore. The games that I thought were enjoyable when I was a kid are now very boring. I need a more complex game with many variables to consider, and I am mature enough to handle violence, and what is more complex …show more content…

Playing these games constantly can cause children to “feel restless, aggressive, and combative” (Bopp, 1999, pg. 31) sense that is what these games are based on, and centered around; keeping the player on the edge, being aggressive to win, and competing against the artificial intelligence or even other players. In some violent video games the kids gets to blow things up, kill things, and basically do whatever he or she wants without any real reason or purpose. This can lead to them being desensitized when they see these things in real life, or on the news. “These games tend to be ‘action packed’ and can lead to short attention spans sense the kids are used to so much action, and many things going on all at once” (Bopp, 1999 pg.31). Some of these violent games use very real looking weapons so “whenever these children are exposed to a real gun, they still think it is a fake gun and start to play and sometimes somebody gets hurt or is even killed” (Bopp, 1999, pg.31). These games also tend to be very addictive and can lead to children playing all day long and sometimes even forgetting to do their homework, and/or not being active in sports or other forms of physical activity.

The first and largest avoider of children playing these games is their parents. It is their responsibility to monitor their kids, no matter what they are

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