Video Games And Its Effects On The World Essay

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It started out as simple missions. Save the princess, collect coins, cross the road without being squished. But slowly, as technology began to develop, so did the content. Saving the princess turned into killing the queen, collecting coins turned into collecting heads, crossing the road turned into grand theft auto and reckless endangerment. The problem is that none of it is real. All of it is fantasy, shown in the video games children are allowed to play from even the youngest of ages. It is because of video games that recent generations have been desensitized to violence, basic human morals and common sense have degraded into nothing, and health problems have persisted. Video games have always, since the early 1970’s, been a favorite pastime of numerous humans around the planet. The medium has allowed many populaces to escape reality and journey to faraway lands where they assume the role of the main hero or heroine. This creation of false worlds and lives brings comfort in the lives of many and “one of the pleasures of play is this very suspension of reality” (Guerra). While gaming started as a harmless way of spending the hours blocking out the rest of the world and diving head first into a new life, it has slowly crossed the line from harmless fun into potentially dangerous instruments. The fact that technology has advanced into such a magnificent art form can be considered a blessing and a curse. Modern day video games contain story lines and graphics that can cause
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