The Truth About Video Games Essay

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The Truth about Video Games Since the industry of video games has been around, people have been skeptical about video games and their effects to our society. People are so used criticizing video games, claiming that they only corrupt our families, ruin our social lives, and make us and our children more violent. People that are against video games also claim that spending your time reading books is a better and more beneficial alternative. But to blindly claim these things while there are so many benefits for playing video games is really absurd. In the essay “Games” written by Steven Johnson he talks about multiple advantages that there are to playing video games over reading books. Shigeru Miyamoto, a renowned video game designer, once…show more content…
During the study, conducted from May through August, 2002, the surgeons also played three video games for 25 minutes while the researchers assessed their gaming skills.”(JAMA and Archives Journals). The report concluded that the top 33 percent of video gaming skill surgeons made 47 percent fewer errors, performed 39 percent faster and scored 41 percent more points overall on the video game than the bottom 33 percent. Data collected also pointed out that training surgeons with video games can, in fact, make surgeons perform better while handling different types of surgical procedures. Books are great to find written instructions on how to perform surgery, yet, surgeons may not be able to perform an actual surgery without flaw because they have not had the experience necessary beforehand. From this data collected the authors concluded that video games may be of use to help train surgeons and serve as a practice or learning tool as well. All in all, playing video games can improve hand-eye coordination and also serve as a learning tool. Video games can also teach problem-solving skills and enhance current ones. Many games out there are mindless and require no skill to play. But most require some
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