Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

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Video game violence has been a discussion dating back to games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders to current games like Call of Duty and Mario. Many people are lead to believe that video games can cause children to act violent. However, video games do not cause violence in children. Video games can help in many ways either in society, people with certain disorders, or improve some mental issues.
Video games help shape society in the way they bring people together. Video games are said to bring kindness and prosocial behavior to people. While juvenile crime are decreasing and do not cause any shooting spree. Statistics taken within the United States show “the number of youth offenders… fell more than half between 1994 and 2010—while video game sales more than double since 1996”(Kain). The number of children playing video games grows each year while juvenile crimes are decreasing. Since, children are easily able to require video games, they will usually become to engage in the game and spend most of their time indoors playing by themselves or with friends. They feel the less need to go out and do something they shouldn’t do. The more time spent playing video games, the less time and determine they will have to go out and commit crimes. When buying a video game they are not just for playing, but “[s]ocial and prosocial are [part of the package] of the gaming experience with games rapidly learning social skills that could generalize to social relationships in the real world” (“Are
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