Video Games Have Been Around Since The 1950 ' S

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Video games have been around since the 1950’s. The first computer game was called Chess and there was no “video” to be displayed. The program was not even powerful enough to play the full game. The first computer game to use video was called XOX, or Noughts and Crosses, a form of digital tic-tac-toe. Since then, video games have rapidly grown in popularity and improved the play style and graphics. Some graphics in video games that are currently being released look realistic and the gameplay is smoother. Also, video games today are no longer confined to a desktop computer. There are now gaming laptops, consoles (Ex. GameCube, Xbox, PS3), handheld video games (Ex. Gameboy, 3DS, PSP), and you can now play games on your smart phone anywhere you want. The most popular ways to play video games are on computers or on consoles. PC gaming (computer gaming) and console gaming have been at a “gaming war” for yeas on which is better to play video games on. Both PC gaming and console gaming offer entertainment and a journey into a fantasy world, however, each offers a different way of gaming for the player. Depending on which system is chosen can determine the cost of the system and the upkeep, the way it is played and the special features each have to offer. Playing video games can become an expensive hobby whether one choses to play video games on a computer or on a console. A person can control how much they are willing to spend on either one. Most consoles when they are

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