Video Industry And Its Impact On Children

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While we are enthusiasts of entertainment and thrilling action, we are parental figures to the next generation of children on their way. Violence presented in media potentially affects children through vivid depictions of gore and tragedy, blurring the line between reality and fictionalized drama. The film industry and its’ supporters thrive off of these displays, drawing in crowds of spectators which provide the industry with an extraordinary amount of profit. Although many of these parents are also part of the viewing demographic of movies, concern looms in the access to this mature content. With the expansion of technology, access to inappropriate scenes and games are accessible to a child who is knowledgeable in the usage of …show more content…

An alteration of ticket prices contains a solution for this case. Despite standards which impede the youth’s contact with violence in films and entertainment, there are many methods which break down the systems placed, including ratings, in order to access this content and this is where the problem lies. The film industry does not consider changing the appeal of entertainment due to this issue. The film industry is dependent on adults and children alike in order to sustain their economic success. Without the support of the general public, their profit would plummet and create chaos in the entertainment industry itself. While not allowing children to attend rated R movies with their parents seems like the simplest solution, it is not a plausible one. Upset parents and loss of profit for billion dollar companies impedes this solution’s implementation. The dangers of children being exposed to violence in media content is a great concern to many but not to the film industry. Additionally, many parents are uninformed and do not recognize the potential harm associated with exposing children to fictionalized violence. For a solution to exist between concerned parents and an industry focused around profit, negotiation has to benefit the multibillion dollar industry in its primary focus. In

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