Video Toys By Roland Barthes And Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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Killer Entertainment Entertainment has a unique way of being significant in everyday lives. It especially has a huge impact on the daily lives of children. The readings Toys by Roland Barthes and Violent Media Is Good for Kids by Gerald Jones perfectly capture this idea. Toys and media are specifically important in a child’s life for the sole reason that they are educational. Although they may seem like they are robbing children of their innocence, toys and media are actually teaching children to not be ignorant. They symbolize many things that children do not fully understand in the present but in the future will realize. Adulthood is not all happiness, not all peaches and cream. It most definitely matters what age a child is exposed to adulthood, though. A toddler should not be hit with those monstrosities of adulthood, but adolescent children should definitely not be oblivious. In childhood, toys could expose a child to adult-like imitations that could further prepare them to be a responsible adult. Toys are an epitome of adult responsibility, and violent media is a gateway to adulthood. This only supports the idea that entertainment is a crucial in the lives of children in many significant ways. Every toy has an adult concept to it, whether it is a train the child pretends to be a train conductor with or a doll the child pretends to be a parent and learns to feed the baby/change diapers with. Barthes points out that a child is “another self”, meaning a child is nothing

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