Vietnam Changed Market Economy Integration International

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Since Vietnam changed market economy to integration international. The preservation and promotion of traditional moral values as well as the construction of new moral values in Vietnam has been set out many issues need to be resolved. In fact, social life has manifested and downplayed the traditional moral values of the nation, chasing unhealthy tastes. The struggle between the advantaged and the disadvantaged, between honest healthy lifestyle and selfish lifestyle. Pragmatism are a daily occurrence. Besides the new moral values are formed in the integration process, the negative ones are also entering in the ethics and lifestyle of many class people, especially youth era and students. The term “moral” is defined by Oxford English Dictionary as the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. As a Vietnamese, I would like to mention one small aspect of the great moral issues of youth’s Vietnamese is moral values in Vietnam students’ lifestyle nowadays. When we mention in the word "student ' ', everyone knows that is highly intellectual class of a nation - the future of the country; students who determine the prosperity of the country. I awake that moral values in youth are really important. A good moral can reduce black marketing, manipulation, fraud, cheating, even create inspiration for others. To prepare for baggage in life, we are not only just bring the knowledge that we learned but also have good moral character that worthy of

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