Vietnam War Analysis

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Vietnam War

In the story you are going to experience the thoughts and feelings of the soldiers that fought in the Vietnam war and what their experience was like. You will learn about how many soldiers fought and how many soldiers sacrificed their lives to save their country and defeat their enemy. You will also learn how long this war went on (The vietnam war went on for a long time).

In 1954 the troops set off to fight a brutal fight there 500,000 americans. (Vietnam war) are on guard being quiet and quick so that they can conquer their enemy, ’’General vo Nguyen giap In 1968 he launched 70,000 DRV forces,they hit 100 cities and towns. ’’( vietnam war). Bob (one of the troops) was standing up too far. POW Bob got shot in the leg he was
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For a minute troops celebrated but then they back to work Rick said “ Let's get back to business’’. They soldiers are really careful known because they are in their enemy's area. Then all of a sudden they blow up 500 more.Then General vo Nguyen Giap got really mad because he is loosing a lot of troops. They continued to fight, but then rick stood up too far and got shot in the arm Rick said, ’’I am fine continue to fight I will try to fight too’’. So theyy start to fight and fight.

Then Rick came up with an idea, he said, ’’Let's bring out the big guns’’ ( the big guns are the aks and the missiles). So the got them out and destroyed them. The killed 20,000 more soldiers and then they finally gave up. ’’The americans ended up with 15,058 killed and 109,527 wounded by the end of the war.’’ (Vietnam war). ’’The war went on from 1954-1975.’’ (Vietnam War)

I hope you can understand what they went through and how many people were involved,There were over 3 million involved in this war. And imagine what their families are thinking. Like I said before the war went on from 1954-1975. A Lot of people died in this war,over 15,000 people died and more than 109,000 people came back home wounded for a
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