Vietnamese And American Educational Systems Essay

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Entering Tran Phu high school, I remember there was a huge white banner with bold letters, “For the sake of ten years, we must plant trees; for the sake of a hundred years, we should cultivate people.” In fact, the process of “cultivating people” requires lots of effort as much as planting a tree. To ensure a tree develops successfully, not only do people plant it into the ground, but they must also take care of it regularly. Undoubtedly, playing an integral role in contributing to people’s success, education shares the same task as planting a tree. Fortunately, having a chance to be exposed to Vietnamese and American educational systems, I have realized each one has its own value of educating people. Although both attempt to cultivate people, they have striking differences.
One difference between Vietnamese and American education is their rules on students’ appearances and their behaviors. First of all, most Vietnamese students must wear uniforms and show up in natural looking appearance. Specifically, students must wear white shirts and long dark-blue pants and tuck in the shirts. Also, girls are not allowed to wear make-up, dye their hairs, or even paint their nails. Boys must have a clean short hair-cut. Secondly, in Vietnam, students must display appropriate manners at school such as showing a fully respectable behavior towards their teachers and not treating their classmates cruelly. For example, students must keep quiet during lectures until teachers allow them to

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