Viewing The Protest Made Me Feel Extremely Sad. The Entire

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Viewing the protest made me feel extremely sad. The entire hour and 53 minutes of the film was spent mostly in tears. After reading the book, putting a face to the horrific things that has happened to these freedom riders was overwhelming. Hence, the protest is immensely justified. It portrayed that all what these men and women wanted was to not be subjugated by white supremacists anymore. It also shows that these active freedom riders wanted to curtail the erroneous idea that blacks were inferior to whites. This protest is very paramount as to it shows that blacks as well as some white people were tired of segregation thus they decided to actively fight the problem from its root cause: The South.
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The protestors did not utilize violence; they were strictly using Gandhi’s method of peaceful non-violence protest. This act of peaceful violence is justified because it illustrated what Diane Nash said: a non-violent campaign should not be stopped due inflictions from violence. However, those responding to the protest used violence because they did not want integration of blacks and white.

The scene on May 19 where Jim Farmer, Martin Luther King Jr, Freedom Riders, and the black community were all gathered at the Baptist Church to reconvene resonated with me. The moment where the white supremacists built a hedge around the Church and wanted to burn the individuals alive was heartbreaking It made me question why anyone would be this wicked. It also got me thinking that the true cause of race and racism is not because it has been institutionalized since the beginning of creation, but this idea of race was and still is indoctrinated into the minds of people. Furthermore, in viewing this scene from another perspective, it demonstrates that white Americans have always found various and sometimes non-clandestine methods to sustain and purify their “white race” from any perceived harm perpetrated by outsiders.
Secondly, the scene about John F. Kennedy wanting the Freedom Riders to stop their plans and go home resonated to me. It just pained me deeply because this part of Kennedy is

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