Views On Abortion

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The issue of abortion remains to be one of the most controversial issues today, mainly because of its premise as an idea – the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Obviously, the decision to terminate a human pregnancy is quite shocking to some people, but a recent surge of liberal opinions and social change in the 21st century has seen the rise of abortion and its practices. The most common way of thinking for feminists on abortion is the right over their own body, stating that they should be able to control whether they have a baby or not. This is the most common view point potential mothers use when deciding to have an abortion. My body, my choice.
This ethical standpoint is mostly in line with the libertarian view, which states …show more content…

To be as bleak as possible, terminating your unborn child doesn’t only affect you, but it also affects the unborn child.
By killing them, if that wasn’t clear enough.
This is exactly when the latter part of the sentence, “…ends where your face begins”, is taken under consideration. In this case, swinging my fists do not end when your face begins. By harming the embryo it’s no longer about doing whatever I want unless someone gets hurt, but rather about doing whatever I want despite someone getting hurt.
Pro-abortionists might counter that an embryo shouldn’t be considered an actual human being, so therefore isn’t under the restrictions of the libertarian view, and is instead just a bunch of cells or is just the potential to be a human being.
While to some that may be considered logical, the actual science behind it disproves this. As pointed out by Dianne N. Irving in the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, human life starts the moment of conception, having the same amount of chromosomes and unique genetic code that make up any other human being. The zygote is the beginning of a new human being, not a thing like the sperm and oocyte that made it, and it has been proven that the single cell “…is biologically an individual, a living organism and an individual member of the human …show more content…

“The man in the hospital has no arms or legs and is in a coma. He is completely dependent upon others. The only real difference between him and an embryo is that he is alive and has been born and because he is also completely dependent upon others to live. Does this disqualify him from the title of human? Of course not. Therefore, we can see the claim – that life in the womb isn't human because it is completely dependent on its mother – is not a sufficient reason to deny its humanity. So, is an embryo human in nature? Yes. Is it alive? Yes. Therefore, we have a life that is human by nature growing in the mother's womb. Is it right, then, to kill

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