Vignette Number 1 Analysis

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In Vignette number one we see A story from the mother's point of view. In the first short story we see this all through the eyes of Ying Ying as a young girl in China. The vignette starts off with Ying-Ying in some nice yellow silk clothes but like any child she somehow gets them dirty in this story she chases a dragonfly around the families courtyard and got her clothes all dirty. Later in the chapter she gets lost in the sea when she falls off the boat and is in a frantic search for her family. Towards the end of the chapter Ying-Ying makes her way to the moon lady “I knew what my wish was. I darted fast as a lizard behind the stage to the other side of the moon “ (page 82 line 11) But as soon as she got to the moon lady her beliefs were crushed when she saw the “A face so tired that she wearily pulled off her hair, her long gown fell from her shoulders. And as my secret wish fell from my lips, the Moon Lady looked at me and became a man” (page 82 Line 20-23) Being a kid this event could have changed or affected her. The Theme of this section of the book is Don’t let a part of your past change your future. When Ying-Ying discovers the Moon Lady is a man she creates a dark spot in her past. Since there is tis dark spot Ying-Ying doesn’t refer to her past the darkness will latter dictates her in the way she parents her daughter.
In vignette number two we see this story from Lena’s perspective. Lena is a chinese immigrants daughter. In this part of the story Lena is still A

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