Vinyl Collection Research Paper

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Introduction Building your vinyl collection is an exciting hobby There is a plethora of ways to get out there and build your collecting, including your local record stores, big box retailers who are now selling vinyl, garage sales, online stores, thrift shops and I can go on forever!! It seems that just about everywhere is selling vinyl records. Over the last few years’ millions of brand new vinyl has been pressed with the numbers continuing to climb upwards. The few big box music retailers have begun stocking their shelves with vinyl once again, along with several unexpected retailers adding vinyl to their line of products carried such as Whole Foods and even Cracker Barrel! The availability of independent retailers are popping up in city and towns all across North America almost weekly! There are plenty of places to purchase new vinyl, with a few of them not so obvious. Below is provided a fairly detailed list of where to not only shop for new vinyl, but which retailers are carrying newly pressed, hidden vinyl gems. …show more content…

Used vinyl tends to be less in price and readily available since often vinyl collectors preserved their records to an exceptional condition. However, with the vinyl boom in full force finding stacks of used records is not as easy as it was five years ago. The value of used records has increased significantly and many recognize this. Commonly, if a stockpile of used vinyl is for sale at a reasonably low rate it is quickly snatched up by professional record buyers who hunt various sources daily. I will send you well on your way to navigating the art of finding used

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