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Vinyl Makes a Comeback Over the years vinyl has seen a decline in the stock market after its success starting in the 1950s. In the early 80s, vinyls saw a decline because of the cassette tape and later because of the compact disc. Both of these were much more portable, and the CD was much more durable than either platform. Although now, vinyl is seeing a spike in sales with the new generations. No one truly knows the reason behind the new popularity of the vinyl. Some believe it is because of the warm sound given by vinyls and no other music platform. The silky sound of the vinyl and the reboot in interest in this vintage music platform has led to the creation of the annual Record Store Day. This day is also thought to be a very important …show more content…

Since the start of the annual Record Store Day there has been an obvious increase in vinyl sales. Anthony Schoettle informs that in 2007 one million vinyls were sold, however in 2015, sales jumped to nearly twelve million vinyls sold (24A). Within these eight years, vinyl has shown a staggering increase in sales. Even used vinyls are making a comeback. “Local music shop owners say used albums make up 40 percent to 60 percent of the records headed out the door” (Schoettle 24A). The knowledge that the vinyls being bought are vintage and that their sound is original and not autotuned must drive the sales. Along with vinyls’ sales increase, other music platforms have been decreasing in their sales. “CD sales, though, decreased 11 percent in 2015 and digital downloads were down 3 percent, according to Nielsen, while vinyl sales were up 30 percent” (Schoettle 24A). Vinyl is the only music platform that is growing; CDs and digital music have only been staying flat or decreasing in sales since vinyl started making its comeback. Overall, the vinyl industry is making a strong comeback and starting to blow other music platforms out of the water. After all these years of being kept in the dust, vinyls are finally making their comeback. The annual Record Store Day is causing a rise in popularity for these old fashioned records. Sales have skyrocketed along with the new interest of the public over the past decade. Even the used vinyls from the mid-to-late 20th century are a

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